Submitting your abstract via EasyChair


The submission of abstracts for marmicrobiome2018 will be managed through an online conference management system called EasyChair. The conference submission page is:

Authors must have an EasyChair account in order to submit an abstract. If you have
already used EasyChair, that account may be used for marmicrobiome2018 then you may skip these preliminary steps and scroll to Section 2 below (i.e. Submit your Abstract). Otherwise, if you have never used EasyChair before you must register a free account.

1. Create an easychair account

EasyChair uses cookies for user authentication. To use EasyChair, you should allow your browser to save cookies from

  • Click “Create an account”.
  • A new screen with a Captcha will appear. Enter the text in the image and click

  • You will be asked to fill out a simple form with your personal information (If you type the text correctly).

  • You will be sent a confirmation email containing a link to continue your registration. Click the link.
  • Complete your registration by providing all the required information, and picking a username and password. Then click “Create my account”.

2. Submit your abstract

  • click the link “enter as an author” to submit your Abstract

  • You will be invited to fill out the abstract submission form to provide Authors information, Title and Abstract, Keywords and Topics. The form page will provide some detailed information about completing the form.
  • Author Information: 
    1. Author 1: the lead author must be named here and does not need to be the corresponding author.
    2. The corresponding author will receive emails regarding the status of the abstract. Multiple corresponding authors may be selected.
    3. If additional authors are needed, there is an option to “add more authors”.

  • Title and Abstract
    • Enter Title and Abstract.
    • Abstract should not exceed 600 words.
    • Specify at least three keywords that describe your abstract. Each keyword should be entered on its own line.


  • Topics

Select the theme most relevant to your abstract.

  • Click on the Submit button.
  • Do not press the button twice: uploading may take some time.
  • Once submission is successful you will see basic information about your submission.
  •  You can get back to the page with your submission details at any time by clicking on Submission”N” (where N denotes the number of your submission) in the main menu.
  • If you need to make any changes to your submission (update information, update authors, submit a new version, or withdraw your submission), use the links on the right hand side of the page.

Please note: EasyChair sends an automated confirmation after a submission has been received, if you do not receive this email then your submission has not been received. You can also login to your EasyChair account to check the status of your submission.